About Us

Everyone here is aware there is a cure for spiders and the mess they make, aren’t they? A lot of you might not know, but I’m also known on the lake as “Spider-Man.” Let me tell you why.

This city boy did not know that lake life would be so controlled by insects. Sure, I knew about flying biting insects but had no clue what damage, physically and aesthetically, spiders could cause. Spider droppings, or drippings, were everywhere, my windows and siding, boat dock, and boat interior. I could wash my boat on Saturday and Sunday morning it would look like I had not touched it.

In the summer evenings, to be able to enjoy our beautiful sunsets (you have witnessed them through my sunset pictures), we would have to fog the deck with gross-smelling insecticide, light citronella candles, and spray Off on ourselves to keep from being eaten alive.

The “Paradise” I had envisioned myself living in when we finally moved here full time was not quite reality, close, but battling the insects was a hassle, and I was never really winning the battle.

One fateful day, I found a cure that would change my life forever.

about us

A cousin and her husband had come to visit the family from Texas. It was their first visit to the lake, and we wanted to take in the sunset.  Unfamiliar with the ritual of fogging, lighting candles, and applying liberal amounts of Off, they stepped into our world. They instantly said, “you need Spider Be Gone”! I pride myself on knowing a little about everything, but I said I had never heard of it.

They explained it was an automatic spray system consisting of small nozzles mounted around the house that automatically sprays a chemical that both repels and kills flying and crawling insects. My only question was, Did it Work? My cousin’s reply was yes.

I was on the phone instantly with the owner of the company in Texas, who promptly informed me he could not send his crew to Alabama. He said even if he did, how would it be serviced when needed? I like to think of myself as a problem solver, so told him I would be at work tomorrow. He asked me to explain, and I told him I had already bought a plane ticket to arrive that day and would be at work the next day to start learning how to install the systems so I could come back home and install mine. The owner agreed, and I went to work. I took my blueprints with me, and the owner designed my system and shipped all the materials home. It took a few days working with one of the crews to have confidence in installing my system.

I came home, installed my system, and life instantly changed. Suddenly, it was the “Paradise” I dreamed of. The deck was mine to go out on and instantly enjoy without the insects. The dock and boat stayed clean longer. I had more time to enjoy the lake, and I thought that was the end of the story.

Without going into the whole story, people started inquiring about the system. I installed one or two here and there and, through a turn of events, decided to go full-time. Are the systems perfect?  Almost! Nothing will get rid of 100% of everything, but this system reduces insects to 1 or 2% of what you are dealing with now.

The insect season is always right around the corner. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us. We have many satisfied customers that are willing to tell you our customer service is second to none.